The Miley Cyrus Twerk-O-Matic 5000

(2013) Directed & produced by Preston Purchase. Infomercial for the amazing Twerk-O-Matic 5000. Let the twerk do the work!

LeBron James - It's in My Blood

(2013) Produced by Preston Purchase. LeBron lives the way he plays... with similar results.


(2010) A silent film (16mm Bolex) written, directed and produced by Preston Purchase. A young lady receives an anonymous package while studying, which leads to her lashing out against her lover.

Chicago's SGI-USA 50th Anniversary

(2010) Directed by Preston Purchase. Written by Jason Rebello, Preston Purchase & Coleman Ranahan. Produced by SGI-USA, Preston Purchase & Coleman Ranahan. The celebration of President Daisaku Ikeda's pledge to improve the world during his first visit to the US, and the response of today's youth as a result of Ikeda's dedication.

SGI-USA Central Territory Youth Culture Festival (Introduction)

(2010) Directed by Preston Purchase & Brent Sekularac. Written by Jason Rebello, Preston Purchase, & Brent Sekularac. Produced by SGI-USA. This introduction video aired at University Illinois Chicago Pavilion, on July 10, 2010 in front of 8,000+ guests & members. The festival theme was “America, Let’s Open a New Era Together with Sensei – Champions of Decisive Victory.” It's meant to inspire and awaken the current Youth and Elementary School Division members & guests with various speakers, experiences in faith, and dynamic youth performances. Thus, leading to a declaration of a shared vow of mentor and disciple.

SGI-USA SGI-USA Central Territory Youth Culture Festival (Short Doc.)

(2010) Directed & edited by Preston Purchase. Written by Osiris Khepera & Zane Romano. Produced by SGI-USA & Preston Purchase. This documentary "Human Revolution" is an exploration of the history behind President Daisaku Ikeda's visit to the US in 1960 & why he made it his mission to change the world for the better.